Parent Education Classes and Registration

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Need strategies for helping your child with homework or schoolwork?  Check out these Parent Education Classes held at SLC Chino. For more information and steps to register: click, download and print from the link below! Parent Education Classes and Registration


Jill Stowell ADD, ADHD, Attention, Auditory Processing, Classroom, Development, Dyslexia, General Information, IEP, Learning Disability, Reading, School

Inattention is often the first and most obvious symptom seen by teachers when children struggle in school. This drives parents to their healthcare providers with the question, “Does my child have ADHD?” The challenge behind this question is that inattention, squirming in the chair, staring into space, slow to get started on tasks, poor listening, and taking forever to complete …

“Mom, I Need Adderall”

Jill Stowell ADD, ADHD, Attention, Auditory Processing, Classroom, Development, General Information, Homework, IEP, Learning Disability, School

A parent recently shared with me that her high school son came home from school one day saying, “Mom, I need Adderall.”  Adderall is a medication commonly used to manage Attention Deficit Disorder / ADHD. It’s easy to blame attention for students’ struggles in school because that’s often what it looks like in class and certainly with homework where there …