Parent Education Classes and Registration

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Need strategies for helping your child with homework or schoolwork?  Check out these Parent Education Classes held at SLC Chino. For more information and steps to register: click, download and print from the link below! Parent Education Classes and Registration

Conquering SATs, Test Anxiety, Senior Moments, and Learning Challenges

Jill Stowell Anxiety, Auditory Processing, Classroom, General Information, IEP, Learning Disability, School

Tyler was a motivated high school junior, potential Ivy League football player, and solid AP (Advanced Placement) student.  But he was SAT-Challenged! Jessica was also an excellent student in her junior year in high school, but her test anxiety was so great it could only be controlled with prescription medication. Cheryl is a 50-something baby-boomer with more and more of …

Homework Blues Already?

Jill Stowell ADHD, Anxiety, Classroom, General Information, Homework, IEP, Learning Disability, Reading, School, Writing

At our Parent Information Meeting this week, a parent shared that her son spends 5 hours a night on what should be less than an hour of homework. Another parent said about their son, who also seems to do nothing but homework once he gets home from school, “We just want him to have his life back!” When my son was …