Why Choose Us?

We are the right place for you if…

  • You are baffled over your child’s struggles in school and need answers
  • You are so tired of the homework battles and tears
  • You don’t want your smart child or teen to have to live with learning or attention challenges
  • You don’t want accommodations or compensations or a bandaide approach
  • You want permanent changes and a better future for your child

We address the root cause of learning and attention challenges and remediate reading, writing, spelling, and math
so that students can enjoy learning and become comfortable and independent learners.

“He’s calmer, not as nervous and fidgety as he used to be…With ADHD, these kids put up a wall once they feel threatened.

They see things different… Overall, Stowell has taught him to be successful… More kids with ADHD should have the benefits of Stowell, therefore they realize they are just as successful and have all the opportunity as anyone else.”Diane, Matt’s Mom